“Sometimes all you need is that little green straw.”


Glitter is my favorite color.

ImageI made this a while ago for our bathroom! The second was for a friend.

I used a hot glue gun for the glitter “stars” but I think regular glue would have worked better. 


Go Beyoncé!

At least that’s who I was pulling for during Super Bowl XLVII.


Here’s another Pinterest recipe I tried for the occasion. Super simple and tasty!

(I didn’t add the jalapenos because I’m a whimp–and I used regular sausage not hot)


Cooking Fish 101.

ImageFish is good for you so I need to learn how to cook it. That was my mentality for last nights dinner. After browsing around Pinterest for the easiest, simplest, step-by-step recipe I finally found one. Salmon that you cook in the oven….sounds pretty simple. All the ingredients I needed were the salmon (obviously), lemon, S&P and butter. Cheap and simple even better.

The recipe was deeeelish! I might have used a tad too many lemons but I thought it made it look pretty. Presentation! I raised the temperature of the oven to 350 degrees instead of 300 because of comments other people left. It was perfect! This might have to be one of my go-to easy meals for the rest of the semester.


Here is the link to the original pin:
Happy Cooking!

Anyone and everyone can have a blog right?

Well, I guess that’s what I’m about to find out.  At first I wanted to make this all about my attempt at making my Pinterest  “yum” board recipes. Then I realized thanks to my sorority meal plan I only cook on the weekends…if that.

So here it is. A little bit of everything! Enjoy!