Copy-Cat Chipotle Rice

Who doesn’t love the cilantro lime rice at Chipotle? I wanted to try this recipe and see if it really did compete with the real thing! Overall, it was pretty good but I have to say…. not as good. I think next time I’ll use more lime juice and it would be great! I also got to use my new Pampered Chef chopper—love it!


Original Recipe Link:


Lets make dinner!

 I saw this on Pinterest but mine did not turn out as pretty as the picture that was posted. The link from Pinterest just said to marinade the salmon in brown sugar and soy sauce in tin foil and bake at 425 degrees for 15 minutes. Image

So…. without much instruction I guessed at the measurements and it ended up tasting really good! I might have gone over board on the brown sugar and next time I think I will only coat it on one side.



Cooking Fish 101.

ImageFish is good for you so I need to learn how to cook it. That was my mentality for last nights dinner. After browsing around Pinterest for the easiest, simplest, step-by-step recipe I finally found one. Salmon that you cook in the oven….sounds pretty simple. All the ingredients I needed were the salmon (obviously), lemon, S&P and butter. Cheap and simple even better.

The recipe was deeeelish! I might have used a tad too many lemons but I thought it made it look pretty. Presentation! I raised the temperature of the oven to 350 degrees instead of 300 because of comments other people left. It was perfect! This might have to be one of my go-to easy meals for the rest of the semester.


Here is the link to the original pin:
Happy Cooking!