Is it all about the hype??

ImageToday my professor made a good point. He said, “the best days of your life will be the days before your wedding day, the day before your birthday, the day before you open that present under the tree and the day before Valentine’s day.” Everyone was whispering “not uh” all throughout the lecture hall.  (Don’t ask me how that related to the management course.)


Then I had to ask myself….is he right? He kept saying the day before the “big day” there is no disappointment or “let downs.”


I’d like to think he isn’t telling the truth. Or at least the whole truth.


As Valentine’s Day approaches I can’t help but notice all the hype surrounding that one-day. The Hallmark commercials, the Edible Arrangement advertisements and the need to make restaurant reservations basically now. This morning on the radio the host was joking around saying he did not understand why he should buy his wife a card on just that one day to tell her he loves her because he loves her everyday. But on Valentine’s Day…we do. And when I told my boyfriend I bought him a card he laughed saying, “that’s what they want you to do.”


My response—I like the cards and the hype and the to-do about it all.


When I was picking out said card from a giant row of pink and red I was shocked at what I found. I could not find a card that said to grandfather but I could find a card that said from dog.


Yes, at the local CVS you can buy a Valentine’s Day card made from your dog to you.

One week/7 days/let the count down begin.